Class Policies

In Class:

The structure of Music Together® classes depends on active participation of adults as models in the class.  All adult caregivers and visitors should contribute to the 'immersion" experience of class by singing, dancing, and modeling instruments as they are able. 

Children may participate in activities at their own level of comfort/readiness.  Jumping, dancing, marching, and wandering are fine during ANY activity (even seated circle songs).  All though children are not required to participate and are free to enjoy class in their own way, disruptive and unsafe behavior should be discouraged.  This includes screaming, running, hitting, throwing instruments, and any other behavior that poses a safety issue.  Also, children should respect the personal space of others so that everyone can feel comfortable in the class.   Please feel free to use the lobby to take a break with your child in order to address discipline issues and regroup if needed.

Please remove street shoes prior to entering the studio at the Turning Pointe class location.  

Please try do any snacking before or after class.  If your child needs an "emergency" snack, please leave the classroom for eating and drinking.  

Please try to limit/avoid cell phone use during class.  

Nursing, bouncing, and diapering as needed is accepted and encouraged in class. 

Registration and Refunds:

Registrations will be accepted for the class throughout the session.  Late registrations will be prorated as needed to include the materials/licensing fee ($42) and per-class tuition.

Families may withdraw registration for a full refund prior to the start of the class session.  If a family needs to withdraw prior to the end of the session due to extenuating circumstances, a partial refund may be given.

Classes need a minimum of 4-5 families to run, I will let registrants know a week before the session start date if it looks like a class has insufficient enrollment.  Registrants will have the option of selecting another class time, or registration payment will be refunded if no other class times work.  

Families may choose to switch to another available class time during the session with no penalty.



Colds can’t really be avoided, but If your child has had a fever or thrown up in the last 24 hours, or if your child has a persistent cough or a very severe cold, please keep them home to recover to avoid passing germs to other children.  Please feel free to liberally use the hand sanitizer provided in class, and know that I do my best to disinfect ALL the props used in class regularly to keep everyone as healthy as possible!


If I am ill and need to cancel class, an email message will be sent out as soon as possible to confirm class cancellation.  Please also see “Class Cancellations.”


Make Up Classes:

Families who miss a class due to illness may make it up at another class time during the week.  Families may make up as many classes as needed during a session.  Make up classes may not be carried over into the upcoming session.  


Class Cancellations:

I will look at Howard County and Anne Arundel County’s school/activity closings before making a decision about cancelling class.  9:30am classes may be cancelled in the event of a 2-hr delay.  An email message will be sent out as soon as possible in the morning to confirm any class cancellations.  I will do my best to keep class running, but always make a safe decision about travel for you and your family.  

Cancelled classes may be made up during other class times if desired, and I may decided to extend the session to add make-up classes if weather or illness cause multiple classes to be cancelled.


Sibling Drop In

Older siblings of enrolled students who are under the age of 10 are welcome to attend class for a $5 drop-in fee.  Additional adults and siblings over the age of 10 may attend for free.


MEDIA RELEASE: From time to time photos or videos may be taken during class and other events for the purpose of promoting the services offered by Colleen Vernon Music. By agreeing to these terms you and your guests agree to have you and/or your child's photo taken and used for such purposes. You may opt out of this at any time by notifying Colleen. 

LIABILITY RELEASE: By attending class, you agree to release Colleen Vernon Music and its associates and facilities of liability relating to injuries or damages that may occur inside class or outside class when participating in class activities.