About Colleen

photo Colleen Vernon

"My name is Colleen, and I love to sing and dance!"

She said, introducing herself to her 2nd grade teacher.  This enthusiasm for music and movement eventually led to a Master's degree in Music Education, a thirteen-year career teaching general music for children, and seven years of teaching swing dance classes for adults.  Colleen fell in love with the Music Together® program after experiencing it with her own children.  She is passionate about helping people of all ages find joy and togetherness through music and dance.  

"A playful teacher with serious musical experience." - J.M., parent

"Colleen is fun, friendly, professional, and bursting with music and movement! Any topic in the world, she can probably sing you a song about it, and any song in the world, she can teach you a dance to go with it. " - L.M., co-worker

"Colleen has a magical way of bringing people together around music and songs." - A.A., parent